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How to Install Kodi on Roku

How to get Kodi on Roku

Entertainment section has been developed as the internet is being involved in each and every section in our daily life. Cable boxes were the traditional way of entertainment through TV but we have internet in this field also. There are online streaming devices like Roku through which you can have an ultimate experience of entertainment.

Roku stick is an outstanding online streaming device which prove you bunch of entertainment. Beside this we have Kodi. Kodi is an open source free media player app. Kodi provides you the privilege to access all the entertainment content absolutely free.  You can easily access movies, TV Shows, LIVE TV, Music. Kodi on Roku can be a deadly combination for entertainment lovers. A window device or any android device can be used to install kodi on Roku.

How to get Kodi on Roku?

You are wondering that how can you install kodi on Roku. Kodi is an media player app that definitely need an operating system. In this order Kodi is very supportive it can be install on Android, Windows, iOS, Linux and even on Raspberry Pi. Roku works only its own operating system that is Roku OS.

The main Thing that neede is screen mirroring. This shows what you’re looking at on your Windows or Android device. With screen mirroring you can watch each and everything on your TV also what you are watching on your device. Any websites, notifications or phone calls you are getting on your device can be projected on your TV.

You should have internet connection with full speed. Roku download the data in full HD that is why your internet connection must be good.

Before you begin some points you need to remember are that ensure that your device and your Roku stick should be connected to the same wifi network. This screen mirroring do not supported by ios. You should have any windows or android device.

Now you want kodi for Roku follow the steps.

    • Go to home by pressing Home button on Roku Remote
    • Go to Settings>System Update. (Make sure you have latest version of Roku OS)
    • Go to settings>Screen Mirroring
    • Enable Enable Screen Mirroring
    • Press Ok

If you want to do the same on windows here are the steps:

  • Select windows Start Button
  • Go ti Device settings.
  • Click on Add Device.
  • Wait until the connection is settled.

Now that you have enabled Screen Mirroring you can now acsess your favourite Kodi content on Roku. You can now enjoy all entertainment stuff without having Roku App.

Kodi on Roku 3/4

Kodi supports android device so any of your android device can be used to if you want to run Kodi on Roku. The software of every Roku models are all similar. They are all applications in c/c++.Once you done with setting up Kodi on Android, it can be stream on your TV through setting up Kodi on Android.

Get Kodi On Roku Via Android device

Here we are sharing the steps to get the free open source media streaming app kodi on Roku through android device.

  • Open setting on your android device.
  • Go to display settings
  • There will be a cast option. This option allows you mirror the android screen on your TV through Roku.
  • Enable Screen Mirroring on your Roku, in settings of Roku Stick
  • Once you enable Screen Mirroring your Roku name would be shown on your android phone.
  • Select the roku name on your android device to see Android Screen on your TV.

You can now mirror Kodi on Roku. You can open kodi on your android device and stream your entertainment stuff.

Get Kodi On Roku Via Windows

Similar to getting Get Kodi On Roku Via Android device, you can get Get Kodi On Roku Via windos. The version of windows should be Windows 8.1 or above. To get Get Kodi On Roku Via windows follow the steps.

  • Go to settings in start menu.
  • Go to device at left side.
  • Go to connected device.
  • Click on add device.
  • It will start searching for the new device.( Make sure you have Enabled Screen Mirroring on Roku.)
  • When it get Roku device you will be able to watch your laptop screen on your TV.
  • Open Kodi on your Windows and get Kodi On Roku.

Here are some features for that you should know if you want to know how to get kodi on Roku streaming stick.

Roku has a number entertainment channels you can enjoy on Roku devices. This device take all the content from internet and stream on your TV. Kodi Is not supported by Roku so here is the simple guide to j Jailbreak ypur Roku device.

  • All the Roku models support Full HD.
  • Roku 4 is a 4K streaming device so that you can use it on you HD TV.
  • There is a shortcut button for stunning channels like Hulu and Netflix.
  • You can search for all the content provider.
  • Login to your Netflix account. It’s quite easy to access your Netfllix.
  • Enjoy Fast speed for youtube and Netflix.

You can enjoy music, movies ,TV shows and pictures on Roku through Kodi. Kodi can play all your playlist. It supports all the movies in different formats. Enjoy the TV series in full HD quality.

Beside this you can install many add on’s available online that will allow you to stream live TV, sports movies and many other entertainment stuff you like.

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